Billows and Dance Silks


White Dove with Star of David flies through fiery skies
Using silk billow in Israel

Almost any of the beautiful flag designs may be expanded to become a silk billow or a dance silk. If you don't see what you have in mind in Our Store, please contact me and let's see what we can create!

One of my favorite designs is the Lion of Judah billow.  This silk seems to carry such an anointing for authority and dominion - let His kingdom come!  The silk shown is 7 feet long with two sleeves for dowels or rods.  May be used with two rods as a statement piece.  Not meant to be flown from a pole, as the sleeves are not reinforced.  This helps with billowing so that there is not much extra weight to the silk.

Living Water Billow
Living Water Billow

Living Water Billow - 17 ft long!  Invite the Holy Spirit to speak through the River of Living Water while you move this silk. 


You may watch this billow in action in the video on our Home Page.

Try moving with fabulous Holy Fire!  Can be made into almost any length as a flag, billow or wall-hanging.  If you don't see what you want in Our Store, please contact me.


Israel, We Bless You!
Israel, We Bless You!

You will feel like you are flying through heaven when this silk is in your hands!  This stunning dance silk/billow is 3.5 x 6.5 ft. long, with two dowel sleeves.  May be used with or without dowels.  Not made to be flown from a rod, as the sleeves are not padded or reinforced.   Photo shows this silk with two dowels being utilized.  Varied sizes available - see Our Store.


May be made  into a wall-hanging.  Colors vary.

White Dove
White Dove

White Dove!  Bring Your love, Your peace and Your joy to the nations! 


We make solid color billows and dance silks of different lengths.  The silk pictured is about 6 ft long, and has sleeves so that it may also be used with rods - very versatile.  


We have many colors to choose from, if you would like a solid colored silk flag or billow.  Recommmended colors include white, red, blue, purple and green - all rich and beautiful shades.  Contact me for details.

Prince of Peace
Prince of Peace

Stunningly gorgeous, this silk represents our Jesus, the Prince of Peace!  Almost 7 feet long x 3.5 feet wide, it has two sleeves for dowels or rods so that it may be displayed as a statement piece.  May also be used without the rods as a dance silk or a billow.  Not made to be flown from a single rod or pole.

Blue and green flowing silk looks and moves like water
Water of Life

Water of Life!  It flows from the Throne of God and brings life to everything it touches!  Everything lives where the River goes!!!  (Ezekiel 47:9 and Revelation 22:1)  This silk is meant to move!  Color and shading will vary and often appears to shift in different lighting.

Water of Life - in Action!
Water of Life - in Action!
Billow Banner Flag silk Lamb of God Jesus Worship  Praise Dance Blood
Jesus, Lamb of God

This is a gorgeous statement piece, done in the lightest weight of silk.  It is basically the "Lamb of God" design with "Jesus" superimposed over the silk.  Two sleeves for rod/pole.  Silk is 6.5 ft. long, 45" wide.  May be used as shown, flown as a flag or billowed (without the rods).

Tree of Life River of Water of Life Lion of Judah Lamb of God Billow silk flag bandera cordero leon rio
Lion Lamb Tree of Life

Another in the Lion/Lamb series: The Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God with the River of Living Water and the Tree of Life as described in Revelation, with leaves for the healing of the nations.  Silk is 6.5 ft long.  May be displayed, flown as a flag, danced with or billowed.

Lion Lamb Star of David
Lion Lamb Star of David

The Lion and the Lamb with the Star of David.  The word, "Peace" written in both Hebrew and in English.  (6.5 ft. x 3.5 ft) Splashed with spattering of gold!

(husband not included)

Dancer holding large Lion ensign flag
Lion, Lamb & Star of David