Half Butterfly Robes have less material in the front and they are not quite as long as the Full Butterfly Robe, but with the same basic design.  From the back of the garment they are almost identical to the Full Butterfly Robe, with one large butterfly.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit and dyed on pure, white silk. 

Half Butterfly Robe

 colorful flowing silk tunic with big butterfly
Half Butterfly Robe - front view
colorful flowing silk tunic with Butterflies
Half Butterfly Robe - back

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Half Butterfly Robe - one size fits most, hand washable

What a stunning design!  Hand dyed silk Half Butterfly Robe, in varied colors, with sleeves.  Half Butterfly Robes drape beautifully over the shoulders and have a large butterfly on the back side of the garment. Wear over pants, jeans, dresses, leggings - be creative!  Length is about 36 - 38" This design is not repeatable, and no two are alike.  One size (custom orders are possible)

Half Butterfly Robe


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