Your Walls Tell a Story - Banners and Wall Decor

Surround yourself with His promises and reminders of His beauty!  Our banners and wall hangings will create an atmosphere of blessing and peace in your home or church.  Use them for special events, such as weddings and ordinations!  Don't see what you have in mind?  Contact me for a custom order.

Small silk painting depicting a heavenly city surrounded by bright, explosive color.
New Jerusalem
Large white dove flying with Blue/Green Fountain behind her.  Whoever Thirsts, Come!
Fountain Dove Banner
Lion made of fire with big yellow eyes on a deep purple background with flames all around.  Pure silk, hand-dyed.
Fiery Lion Guardian Flag, Billow or Wall Hanging
Swirling Wheels, Fire, Wings and the Four Living Creatures from Revelation
Ezekiel One - Batik on Silk

Any of the flag designs can be made into a wall-hanging.  The silk may be stretched over a frame, which gives a 3-dimensional effect, or it may be fitted with a sleeve on the top and bottom, for hanging with rods, such as a curtain rod.  The curtain rod option is the simplest and easiest way to go.  Be sure to contact me for details and pricing.

Please contact me if you would like any of my designs made into a beautiful statement for your church or home!