Israel, We Bless You Flag 


Beautiful, colorful and graceful - a white dove descends from Heaven with the Star of David. Declares peace for Israel and God's blessing upon her. 

Israel We Bless You Flag - Large

Israel We Bless You Flag (3.5 x 4.5 ft)  Beautiful white dove flies carrying the Star of David.  Background is heavenly skies of varied color flowing down.

Israel We Bless You Flag - Large


  • Temporarily Sold Out; Please Contact Me to Order

Israel, We Bless You - Extra Long Flag

This unique silk flag is extra long - of lighter weight silk that catches the air and has a nice "hang time" when it flies.  Colors will vary for each silk.  Flag is 6. ft. long. 

Israel We Bless You High Flyer


  • Temporarily Sold Out; Please Contact Me to Order
White Dove descends from Heaven with the Star of David
Israel We Bless You Flag

Each of these flags will look slightly different, with the same Holy Spirit Dove carrying SHALOM for Israel!  Flag shown in size large (3.5 x 4.5 ft).  May also be made into a High Flyer.

If there is something that you need - and you don't see it here - please contact me!  Let's see if I can make what you need.

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