Holy Fire Flag 


Holy Fire Flag/Dance Silk

God's Holy Fire comes to purify, to cleanse us of all impurities - to make us more like Him.  Express your longing for Him to come with the flame of His love, to turn hearts toward the Lord!

This design be made to any length - my personal Holy Fire silk is actually 8 ft. long and fabulous!

Holy Fire Flag - size Medium

Firey orange, yellow and crimson swirls of Holy Fire!   This flag is 45' x 55" - various Scriptures about His holy fire - I write whatever I'm sensing at the moment :)



  • Temporarily Sold Out; Please Contact Me to Order

Holy Fire Flag - Large

Holy Fire Flag (3.5 x 4.5 ft) 


  • Available
  • Shipping Time: We ship Priority Mail, which takes about 3 days.1

And for a much larger flag, check out our FIRE BILLOW, which is also a flag, only much longer.  (Fire Billow is above the dancer, on a pole)

If you are interested in something larger and more dramatic, below are photos of our Fire Billow Dance Silk.  Click on the photo to get details about this item, or go to Billows and check it out!

I am standing on a stage, using the Holy Fire Billow as a large flag.  This is during a worship conference in Houston.
Using "Fire Billow" Dance Silk

If there is something that you need - and you don't see it here - please contact me!  Let's see if I can make what you need.

Please note:  All of the designs on this website are the property of 3 Strand Cord Silks!  Please do not copy my designs and call them your own... if you ask the Father, He will give you your own designs =0)  because He is so GOOD!!