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Dancer using Portal Flags in Worship
Worship Freely with Silk Flags by 3 Strand Cord Silks
Silk flags and garments used to express worship
Make His praise glorious!

 Connecting with God in Worship

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.  John 4:24


It's what we all want.


We all want to touch His heart, to connect with Him during worship.  There is nothing like the experience of being transported by the presence of the Lord!  But how to achieve this goal?  Here are 3 important tips for those using flags in worship:


1.    Live a lifestyle of worship.  Worship should not “happen” only on Sundays or when you pick up a flag.  When we learn to worship the Lord through every minute of our day, breathing thanks and praise even during the hardest times, we develop the lifestyle of worship – because we learn that HE IS FAITHFUL in all things. So then, when we lift a flag on Sunday, our worship pours from us, emanating from the life we live in Him.


2.  You must lose yourself.  Self-awareness is a must, but self-consciousness is a deal breaker. We must learn to forget or ignore how we appear to others.  Who cares?  This is about you and HIM.  When we give ourselves over to Him in worship, His Spirit can flow freely through us.


3.  Engage ALL of yourself in worship.  What is the part of our bodies that we use to worship with flags?  Hint:  the answer is not “my arms”.  For more on this subject, stay tuned…!