Prayer Shawls

We want you to know that we actually pray over every silk we create - especially the Prayer Shawls.  When we go to our place of prayer, it is truly where Heaven meets Earth!  The Lord listens to our prayers when we pray according to His heart, in the name of Jesus.  


Our Prayer Shawls are hand-dyed on the finest silk - so lightweight that it feels like a breath or a caress.  Our prayer is that you will love your place of prayer, and love your new Prayer Shawl.  And yes, they are nice to dance in worship with, too!


Two fierce lions guard the ends of large silk shawl. Rainbows and a battle of color in the center.
David's Warrior Shawl
 Large lion with gentle expression and a blue Star of David behind him.  Shawl for prayer made out of silk and hand-painted by the artist. Fringe all around - 7" dyed to match the design.
Lion/Star of David Prayer Shawl
Woman holding a Prayer Shawl with white dove flying in a field of radiant, flowing color and a Star of David.  Fringed all around.
Shalom Dove Prayer Shawl
Tree of Life with butterfly on sky blue silk.
Tree of Life Prayer Shawl
Firey Lion Prayer Shawl
Firey Lion Prayer Shawl
Beautiful Dove on a silk prayer shawl with 7" fringe
Holy Spirit Prayer Shawl