Meet the Artist

Caryn Fenimore
Caryn Fenimore

I'm Caryn Fenimore, the artist and owner of 3 Strand Cord Silks.   I am also unabashedly a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ ~ Oh, yes, I belong to Him.


I love using color and movement to enhance my worship. I have found that NOTHING expresses my heart like SILK!  It moves, breathes and carries color and design so well ~ and I just love the weightlessness and the glow of real, fine silk.  It seems to represent BREATH, like the breath of life inside of me.  I always ask Holy Spirit before I create a new design - I don't like to do anything without His inspiration.


YOU can experience deeper, more intimate worship, too. You were made to worship your Creator God!  I encourage you to try extending your heart through movement, dance or flagging.  Great joy awaits you!

worship and praise

Our God is BIG.  Not one of us can bring all the worship that He deserves, so I have begun to share my silk creations, my skill and experience with anyone who would like to enhance their own worship expression.   That is what this website is all about.