Meet the Artist

Caryn Fenimore
Caryn Fenimore

I'm Caryn Fenimore, the artist and owner of 3 Strand Cord Silks.   I am also unabashedly a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ ~ Oh, yes, I belong to Him.


I love using color and movement to enhance my worship. I have found that NOTHING expresses my heart like SILK!  It moves, breathes and carries color and design so well ~ and I just love the weightlessness and the glow of real, fine silk.  It seems to represent BREATH, like the breath of life inside of me.  I always ask Holy Spirit before I create a new design - I don't like to do anything without Him!

worship and praise

Our God is BIG.  Not one of us can bring all the worship that He deserves, so I have begun to share my silk creations, my skill and experience with anyone who would like to enhance their own worship expression.   That is what this website is all about.