About Using Silk Flags and Billows

A dancer on the platform, dressed in flowing colors, glides two large white silk flags through the air around her as she worships.
Flow with it!

Many people get discouraged when they first try to use a silk flag.  I believe that this is because they are unaware of one of the best qualities of fine silk: it can float!  I tell first-time users to allow air to get under the silk - don't whip it around or force it to do anything.  Just give enough of a "push" with your arm to let the air get under the silk, and then you will find that the silk will "follow" your slightest movement. 


The same principle applies to dancers using silk.  Once the fabric is floating on the air, begin to move your body and the silk will respond to your movements, almost like an echo or an exclamation mark at the end of your sentence.  It becomes one with you, with your heart and your expression of worship! 

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