The Prophetic Worshiper

A Heart Set Free to Worship
A Heart Set Free to Worship

In the realm of prophetic worship, when we say that someone is mature and experienced we mean that this person can see, hear and flow with what Holy Spirit is saying during the worship service.  That is what prophetic movement is!  An experienced person also knows how to yield to others, and is not there to be “special” – but to flow in their gifting, along with everyone else.  Those who are freely functioning in this way must be released to do what they do… they do not need to be directed, generally, for the Holy Spirit Himself is the Director. 


Note: We move with the foundational understanding that we are under authority in any service of God.  Before a dancer or flagger moves out in worship, He or she must know that they are released to do this by the authority in the house.  Once they are recognised and released, then that person is free to move under the unction of Holy Spirit, and then all is done with the Lord in focus.

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