Shalom Dove Prayer Shawl

Profile of white dove with Star of David on fringed silk prayer shawl
Shalom Dove Prayer Shawl with 7" Fringe

The word for this Prayer Shawl is GORGEOUS!  On a background of streaming color, a beautiful white dove flies with the Star of David, signifying peace (shalom) to the world!  


What a lovely "secret place"!


Shawl is pure silk, hand dyed by the artist, and measures about 45 x 45" with 7" fringe all around, also hand dyed.  Each shawl is unique, and represents hours of work by the artist.

Shalom Dove Prayer Shawl

Hand dyed silk Prayer Shawl with White Dove and the Star of David flying over background of streaming color.  (45 x 45") with 7" fringe.

Shalom Dove Prayer Shawl


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