Breaker Flex Flag

Silk flags painted to look like flowing water
Breaker Flex Flag -size large

Breaker Flex Flag - Lord, bring waves of Your Spirit upon us!

Breaker Flex Flag - Large

Breaker Flex Flag (4.5 x 6 ft) with flexible rod,  6 ft. - Flag has 9 feet fabric, in two layers of beautifully hand dyed silk.  Edges are shaped into flame shapes.  Looks like flowing water and breaking waves when flown. Front and back of flag show different views.   Price is $140 for one flag, $240 for two flags. Please contact me if you want to take two of these flags.


Breaker Flex Flag - LARGE


  • Temporarily Sold Out; Please Contact Me to Order
Worshiping with fire and water flags with the flag of Israel.
Breaker Flag used with Holy Fire Flag during spontaneous, prophetic worship and intercession over Israel.
Prophetic intercession over Israel with flags.
Praying Holy Fire and Waves of the River of Life over Israel.

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